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So MuCh wOrk To do…sO BusY wHt ConVo FesT cUmin uP tHis 8 OgOs 2008 tiLL 10 OgoS 2008….HolDinG 2 BiRos wHich SpoRts N SaFEty…ThaNKs tO mY deAr FrendS NuCleAr anD aZaN…ItS iS GoiN oN wEll…WhT TheiR HeLp..i aM SurVivIng..ThanKS gUys!!!haha…i Juz Cnt wAit wEn ConVo FeSt CumEs…tHen tHe wOrk BurDEn aLIL leSt..I gUEsS…I juST uSe mY rUM in HosTel liKe HoteL..juZ to SliP n FresHEn uP…hahah…TirIng loo…haHaha…BuT tHe ExpErienCe gaIN iS PriCelEss…..hAhAha….


mY SeLF…

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i ForGet To tEll EvEryOne OuT ThERe wHo i aM….weLL hEre iT gOeS…OnCE uPOn A TimE…in A lOng LoNg Far fAr aWaY lAnd WhICh iS cAlleD TaIpiNg…tHerE wAs A ChiLd BoRn iN HosPitaL TaiPIng.ThE FatHER oF tHe ChiLD iS MR.HARDEV SINGH n ThE mOtheR iS MADAM.SATWANT KOUR…tHE ChiLd wAs Named As JItVinDer DeV sINgH ( ThaTS mE haha)….gUT 2 EldEr siS, PalVinDEr DeV KAuR n JaGvINdER DeV kAuR..i Am ThE YoungESt…n i Am nUt mAnja mAnja Kid ya….tHen i Study STudY study n ReAcH tO UNiverSitI tEknikAL MAlaySIa MElaka…NoW StuDying CompUter EngiNeerIng…3rD YeaR DegreE…I aM a PuRE PUNJaBI!!!ChAkeDe FaTEh..bRUhhwAh!!!…wAna NoE mOre….JuZ FinD mE iN fRendstEr…I ShoW u A ViDEo WhiCh ShoWS HowS PunJAbis RoCK ThE HouSE bY dANCinG!!wE ReLY noE HoW To RoCK uP A QuIEt PlaCE!LoVE tHe DAncE…PUnjAbI FoReVEr!!

ThiS iS a PuRe pUnjabi BhanGRa DancE


Dad n Mum...cute huh 🙂


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Oooo i FOrGeT tO TeLL u aLL thE InStRumEnt i LovE tHe MoSt….It iS a InStRumEnt PlAyeD bY tHe SIKHS wHIcH iS tHe “DHOL”…iT Is a GrEaT INStrUmENt!tHe SouNd WhicH iS PrOducEd WhEn PlayiNG iT is So LoUd aNd GrEat….i jUSt LOVE tO LEaRN BuT wHAt To dO…nO tIMe aNd ThE InsTrumenT itSelf…iT is So HarD tO lEarn iT acTualy anD it iS alSo kInd oF hEavy…bUt onCe u R inTo iT…tHat aL iS nuTing aLreAdy…NowDaYS, oVersEas MusiC uSulay ReMixeS TheiR SonGS bY AddiNG iN thE DhOl SoUndS….JuZ FanTastIC…We Cn JUz sWaY iN tHe rhyThM eAsily..ThoSe wHo nOe WhaT i Am TalkINg wiLL NoE iT…

HeCtic LiFe

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So MaNy ThiNgs tO Do BuT sO litTle TiMe….I HaVe tO HanDlE kiNd AloT of WorK iN onE HanD aNd StuDieS iN tHe OthER hANd..bUT It IS actUAly GuD cAuse i DunT gEt BorED haHAHaha….I Gut KinD aLOt oF GuD frEndz ThaT HeLp mE iN anYwAy TheY cAN…ThaNKS A miLLion tO tHEm…reMeMbER, wE aRe Ntg wiThout FrenDS :)…WeLL FoR THoSE WhO DunO y i aM sO bUsy wELL i aM a StUDEnt RepReSEnTatIve CounCil iN UTeM…ThaTS y I aM aLIL BuSY…WitH UTeM COnVocaTion FeSt CumIn uP aRounD tHe CoRnER, tHe JoB loAD iNCreASes..BuT StiLL mAnaGing iT weLL hahaha…fOr ThoSE Who DunO wAts UTeM…juz CliCk thE linK gIveN yA..


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BuSSinEsS PeOpLe

BuSSinEsS PeOPle

Well what can i say…i went to PAN PASIFIK KLIA!!!..for 2 days…it was great.I went there for a convensyen organised by UTP. It happened on the 12 julai till 13 julai 2008. It was a saturday and sunday…so thought it was a great vacation while getting some knowledge…i just cant tell u guys how many time i and my frends went to klia…its so near to the hotel..We hoop on a battery operated car which is called “buggy”…nut sure the spelling.. always wanted to go the the viewing area where we can see the aeroplanes..Even at nite around 11 sumeting, we go to klia towards the viewing area..IT WAS A FANTASTIC view in the nite…with the lights al…nut always can i go to pan pasifik man….enjoying life also while studying..hehehe

ccc, nuclear, connie, me and k7

ccc, nuclear, connie, me and k7

tHe "BUgGy"

tHe "BUgGy"

hEllO tHerE tO All

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Hei there, well what can i say…This is my first time blogging, i am not so sure what i am supposed to write also. I am supossed to get ready this blog because its an assignment given by the lecturer. Eventhough it is tough for me because i duno anything at all about this..but i take this as a challenge for myself and not as a problem so that i can overcome it and make myself a better person in a way. I think blogging is like a diary for a person to express their feeling in life. Its a way to pour all the feeling in the heart in writing form..hahaha…thats wat i tink la…funny huh…well i shall continue my writing soon…till then..adios amigo…